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Android Affair book cover

Android Affair 

This is my latest book. Some surprising advances have been made in recent years and I believe that the time will soon be upon us when fiction becomes reality. Android Affair is about the thrilling adventures of Anne Miller, both during her tenure as a policewoman and later when she retires.

Inspector Anne Miller is called out late at night to a road traffic accident and finds herself in the middle of a mystery. A man has been knocked over by a car and appears to be dead, but is it a man or is it a robot?
The mystery deepens when the body disappears from the coroner’s, never to be seen again. In its place is some strange message from the ‘powers that be’ to leave well alone. Although she wants to pursue the inquiry she is told in no uncertain terms to stay out of it.
She hears no more about it until Some years later she retires and the case comes up again. A colleague gives her some extraordinary information and is killed shortly afterwards. Will she follow it up or let the matter rest?  

Amazon paperback: £7.99

Kindle eBook: £1.99

View and purchase Android Affair by Francis Wait at Amazon

The Survivalists

Millions of visitors head for the Rocky Mountains at Yellowstone to marvel at the steaming geysers, bubbling mud pots, and thermal pools, few realising the scale and depth of this natural wonder. A super volcano is not formed above ground, but rather below it. This natural phenomenon is actually a Caldera which is formed after a volcano erupts, blowing the top of the mountain away. The resulting depression fills first with lava and then with water which forms lakes and thermal pools. The Caldera at Yellowstone extends for seventy miles by thirty miles and is approximately six miles deep.

Scientists know it exploded at least twice, at 600,000 year intervals; the last time 640.000 years ago, so it is now overdue for another eruption. If it does blow, it will spread billions of tons of rock and dust into the atmosphere blocking out the sun's rays and temperatures on earth will plummet, creating a global-wide nuclear winter. No crops would grow and millions will starve to death. The last time this happened nothing larger than a dog survived. As a measure of how much dust will be expelled, two meters of dust was deposited in Iowa which is a thousand miles away.

Reports of activity in this region with small volcanic movements happening more and more frequently. The earth in the region of the lakes has risen out of the ground by a meter, giving rise to speculation that the magma chambers far below the surface are moving, creating unheard of pressures which could ultimately blow in one enormous explosion. If this happens it will be catastrophic for all mankind and it is possible that out of the world’s population only a few thousand people might survive.

The Survivalists is the story of what one man and his friends undertake to stay alive.

This book is a revised version of a previous book.

Amazon paperback: £8.99

Kindle eBook: £2.39

View and purchase The Survivalists by Francis Wait at Amazon


The Magical Pendant of Perdania

Samantha is a twelve-year-old girl who is befriended by a black cat. She discovers the cat is Gwyneth, a mage banished to earth from a land where magic is considered normal. Gwyneth can now change from a cat to a person at will.


The evil magician who banished Gwyneth from her own world is trying to take the whole of her land and corrupt it to his own malevolent image. Samantha discovers with the help of her new friend, that she has a great magical ability herself, and Gwyneth presents her with a beautiful Pendant, which helps focus her those abilities.

When she goes to this new land by travelling through a “fairy ring” in her garden, she finds herself at the centre of a struggle to gain control of this other world. She has Timmy her childhood friend, who has been promoted to a Knight, and Gwyneth to help her.

Amazon paperback: £9.99

Kindle eBook: £1.99

View and purchase The Magical Pendant of Perdania by Francis Wait (writing as Frances Jaycee) at Amazon

Twists in the Tales

Just like that box of chocolates you've not tried before, Twists In The Tales is a collection of sixteen short stories full of surprises and treats, featuring a mixture of humour, thrills and sexual intrigue. Subjects range from crime, trickery, entrapment, greed and desire to fear, murder, fantasy, death and the after life. 


The nine very different authors are all members of the Eastbourne group, We're Not Dead Yet Writers and are all over sixty and very much alive and kicking, so if you want a short story collection you can either read it through in one sitting or dip into to be amused and intrigued when the mood takes you, Twists In The Tales will serve you well.

Amazon paperback: £6.72

View and purchase Twists in the Tales by We're Not Dead Yet Writers (including Francis Wait) at Amazon

Sadly since publishing this book, several of the writers have passed away.

A consequence of getting older.


No Chance

This is two books.


An erotic crime story but with a real plot line. This story contains descriptions of explicit sex

eBook: £1.99

Purchase No Chance directly from Francis Wait by emailing

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