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Works in Progress

I have a busy mind, and despite advice to the contrary from fellow writers, I find I work best when I have multiple projects on the go. These are some of the things I'm working on at the moment:

Conflict in London

An examination of two men; one a career criminal, and the other a retired Army Officer who writes book. They collide over a parking spot. The conflict arises because both men are strong and unwilling to back down, with devastating results.

Crime Boss

A career criminal is released from prison and attempts, with the aid of his former gang, to regain their money from another crime boss who should have it in safe-keeping, but who claims it has been stolen.

Australian Dream

A  man turns up in Australia with a lot of money and recruits a beautiful Aussie girl to start a vineyard. Things go well at first, but then the man's wife appears.


Just an idea for now, but with some potential for some shady dealings.

Diary of a Victim of Harassment & Bullying

This has been completed but needs a great deal of editing. It is a true story.

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